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Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) hosts brainstorming sessions on Genetics, Agronomics and Horticulture Advancement in Moringa Farming.

23 Oct, 2022
The 8th Global Moringa Meet: 3 days International Workshop on Moringa Production & Application shall be held on 20-22 November, 2022 in beautiful downtown Jaipur, India.
The overall goal of this meeting is to bring together Moringa fraternity to share new knowledge and information on Moringa, the multi-purpose tree, and to promote the sustainability of its production, processing, utilisation, marketing and trade as well as consumption for health and vitality, industry profitability and competitiveness in the context of globalization.
The scientists and experts at ABC shall Pinpoint key Strategies & Standards for Moringa Cultivation & Value Addition to Maximize Project Moringa ROI while discussing the Key Strategies to Successful Moringa Investments.
This is a not to be missed opportunity to new growers to start MORINGA BUSINESS. Seize this opportunity to begin business with Moringa and register today.
Please Pre-register here for further details and obtaining registration form. Please contact me via e-mail or telephone for further details and obtaining the registration form.