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What types of #Moringa food and health supplements are people buying, and why?

14 Jul, 2022

People continue to reach for more moringa products than ever before. Looking at Immunity/Sports/Energy/Weight/ Diabetes/healthy aging/Mood & brain health etc., we now see the growth that the 2+ year of COVID-19 pandemic has taken the moringa market to more than $10 billion - a market about $1.5 billion larger than 2020.

The consumers are now more aware of the ingredients in the products they put on and, in their bodies, but also of the social and environmental impacts of companies that manufacture those products.

Moringa project developers/entrepreneurs who want to have a slice of the 10- 20 billion USD market must adopt and implement appropriate Moringa production strategies that will lead to improved Yields as well as better quality performance. Consistency is important for long term farm profitability and that can be ensured only with enhanced Moringa cultivars and advanced agronomy
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